Gear 2000 Razor RZ7

Skill position shoulder pads
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Gear 2000 Razor RZ7
Gear 2000 Razor RZ7
Gear 2000 Razor RZ7
Gear 2000 Razor RZ7
Gear 2000 Razor RZ7

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The Gear Pro-Tec line of RAZOR shoulderpads pushes the limits of shoulder pad design, every detail is focused on elite player performance. Cutting edge design, materials and construction culminate in advanced impact dispersion, dynamic range of motion and flexibility on the lightest weight platform in the industry. RAZOR is the pinnacle of success in protecting America's finest athletes for over 20 years!


- Injection Molded Components

- SAS-TEC Impact Zone Protection

- Dynamic R.O.M. Arch Hinge

- Adjsutable Protective Channel Pads

- Sternum/Spine Protective Pads

- Moisture Wicking Fabrics

- PAD-LOC Buckle/Strap System

- Compressed HEX Foam Comfort Liner

- Patented Z-Cool (#7,168,104) Plastic Inner Arch Design


Gear Pro-Tec shoulder pad size chart

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